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STARSkate Information

Welcome to the STARSkate Program:  Your skater will be in one of the following programs:  Star 1-3 and Star 4+ based on their Skate Canada Tests & Coach Recommendation.  Please see 2023-2024 Schedule

Here is some general information about the club and some program information & coaches rates.  Sorry its a little long.

  1. Skaters purchase their ice time or days that they would like to skate and pay for this through the club.
  2. Starting this year the club is now team coaching.  What this means is that your skater will work with one or all of the coaches (possibly) each day.  The goal is that all the coaches will have the opportunity to work with your skater during the week.  Your skater gets to know all the coaches and the coaches in-turn all the skaters.  The coach will invoice the skaters parents monthly (usually) or bi-weekly depending on their schedules.
  3. We have 4 seasons of skating:  Fall (usually September but has been longer in recent years - Sept - Nov); Winter (Dec - March); Spring - (April); Summer (July - Aug)
  4. Christmas ice & March Break Ice are not included in your Winter Package.  You will need to register for these separately.
  5. We hold an Annual Skating Clinic - Which we encourage all skaters to register for, this years clinic is in October.  Some skaters have other activities and therefore come to what they can if they are unable to miss that activity.  The clinic usually starts at noon on Friday and we ask that the skaters be able to take the afternoon off of school to participate.
  6. Ice Show/Show Case - This skating season we will have an Show Case.  All skaters are encouraged to participate as it is a super fun weekend.
  7. We have testing days for the Star 4+ Test Stream skaters throughout the year. In the past we have brought a dance partner up to work with the skaters on their ice dancing patterns.  They skate before an evaluator (who is from Edmonton usually) with the dance partner.  The STARSkate Test Stream program has recently changed and the coaches are to evaluate and test their own students.  This cost should be the same as a lesson.  However, for dances we would like to still have the skater learn with/from the dance partner.  There will be new costs for this... not sure how much.  Your skater may likely learn anywhere from 1 - 3 dances in a year.  This year we will not have the dance partner coming up so your skaters will likely only be working with the coaches for evaluating and partnering. 
  8. The club is always looking for Board Members (the positions become available at AGM - sometime in October).  There are a few new vacant positions this year.
  9. The Territorial Skating Competition was to be held in Ft Smith this year.  This is a competition that all club members can attend.  Feb 16-18, 2024

When we move into StarSkate Test skaters receive their on-ice warm-up lessons with all the skaters.  These sessions are called Group Development.  This cost is included with your ice fees.  Coaches are paid by the club for these lessons.  Off-ice warm-up's or Off-ice jump class (in the lobby) are usually covered with your winter registration fees also.

Helmets are optional and are encouraged for Star 1-2.  If you and your skater feel comfortable enough to go with out then that is fine with the coaches.  Many skaters who move into this program purchase an "ice halo".  It is a headband with padding for when/if the skater were to fall.  Attached is the link if you are interested in this.

STARSkaters are given lessons with other skaters of their level or individually (Semi-Private or Privately).  Coaches will try to keep it to 2 skaters at the most but sometimes your skater may be by themselves in a lesson or with 1 or 2 other skaters for learning Freeskate / Ice Dancing / Skating Skills.  If you would like to have them receive lessons totally alone please let one of the coaches know and they will do their best to facilitate this.

Coaching rates can be found under the YKSC Team page.

Currently our coaching staff is: Brenda Dalton, Jodi Brennan, Kelly Slack, Lemann Douleva, and Lisa Do.

In Star 1-2, your skater may or may not receive a 'solo'.  Once you are in Star 3-4 and up this is not an option as all skaters will receive a 'Solo'.  This is a freeskate program with Jumps, Spins and Field moves made by the coaches.  

Your skater will receive from the coaches a list of elements to practice when they are not in lessons.  These lists will be in English (it is understood that not all skaters can read English therefore coaches will also have some pictures so that they know what all to practice by the pictures).

Below is a link for STARSkate Test Program.

Please let us know if you need anymore information.



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